About the Park

Recipient of the “Outstanding Research/Science Park Achievement Award” in 2003, The University of New Orleans Research and Technology Park is a thirty acre lot located adjacent to the University of New Orleans campus along the shores of Lake Ponchartrain.

The University of New Orleans Research and Technology Foundation was founded to support the University of New Orleans in its research, property and facilities financing, technology transfer and acquisition and management functions.  The University of New Orleans serves as the vehicle to apply the University’s academic expertise to economic development projects in the region and conducts activities that develop the University’s capabilities to offer and improve its programs.  With world-class departments such as naval architecture and marine engineering, business administration, communications disciplines, biotechnology and environmental and energy research, the University of New Orleans offers a wide range of opportunities for academic and scientific collaboration.  The Foundation often serves as the bridge between the private sector and varying levels of the public sector.  The Foundation was engaged to operate the Park on behalf of the University of New Orleans and the State.  Buildings have been funded by the State, the Federal Government, private donations and borrowings by the Foundation.  The fundamental concept of the University of New Orleans Research and Technology Park is to attract and co-locate appropriate public agencies, non-profit organizations and private companies neighboring the University to encourage collaboration.

Park buildings are occupied by multiple tenants.  Tenants are required to have a relationship with the University of New Orleans.  The University of New Orleans Research and Technology Park has access to LONI, Louisiana’s Optical Network Initiative, a state-of-the-art network linked to the National Lamda Rail and Internet2.  In addition, the Park has access to the 20,000 square foot univeristy managed conference center, the Lindy Boggs International Conference Center, as well as the use of University of New Orleans amenities at faculty/staff rates including the recreation and fitness center, library, theater and entertainment venues.  From a tenant’s perspective, access to the University provides value not available elsewhere.